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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2: Downtime, Agent Meowsicles & Everything to Know

“Epic Games Confirm the Downtime for Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2” Epic Games have announced that Fortnite Chapter 2 Season2 will be updated on 20 February, 4 amEST, and 2:30 pm IST. The downtime has been begun, and the Fortnite servers are about to shut down in a couple of hours. The news has been announced through the official Twitter handle of Fortnite alongside the official of Fortnite has clearly mentioned that this is a season change, and it will acquire some time to cease.
 The excitation of the Fortnite fans is about to cure in a couple of hours. However, the downtime will begin at 4 am EST, and it might extend to 7, or 8 am as the update size is larger than expected. The V12.00 is coming along with the all-new world of Fortnite that includes new maps, new skins, new cosmetics, new weapons, new characters, and probably new battle pass.  The update will be arriving on all the gaming consoles that support Fortnite, such as PS4Xbox OneNintendo Switch, and PC. As soon as the upd…
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How to Speed up Google Chrome for Faster Internet Speed

When it’s about the browser, you will struggle to find one as quick and consistent as Chrome. It t’s not a perfect browser, but there is a big reason behind the popularity of Chrome that becomes the first choice for the user for browsing all around the globe. A large number of extensions, add ons, and collection of themes for set up the browser window as well as the support for entire services and apps by Google makes it an amazing choice in 2020. Although, its the best choice, but it doesn’t mean that it does not need improvement.
If Chrome is not working properly, failing to launch, working slow, or making the complete PC slow, then you have to do something as this process is common. Chrome slows down all the time, but fortunately, there are several processes through which you can work Chrome faster. These tips will help to run the Chrome faster on the device which will not take long. Read through the blog and follow the instructions to speed up Google Chrome. How to Disable Flash I…

Amazon Ring Makes Two-Factor Verification Mandatory

The Ring has made two-factor verification mandatory for the users. The Amazon-owned video doorbell system, Ring has taken this step to tighten the security and further made the two-factor authentication unavoidable for the users. Now, the users have to go through the two-factor authentication before signing in their accounts. The Ring was compelled to take this step as the several incidents came into the notice of the company when the cyber thieves took away the Rings cameras by stealing the passwords. The passwords used by the cyber thieves to log in into the individual cameras were the passwords used by the owners on some other accounts but these were once stolen.

Several incidents of unlawful logins into the cameras came to the notice of the company putting it on high alert. For example, a cyber thief signed in into a camera in Mississippi and convinced an eight-year-old girl that he was Santa and the girl should destroy the things in her bedroom to fill it with new ones. In anoth…

How to Setup New Tab on the Microsoft Edge

The Chromium has the new tab feature on Windows 10, which is more personalizable than the one present in the legacy version. Though at the beginning of setup, you can select the layout, if you need to change the recent configuration, latest configuration provides various settings to its page using quick links, background images, and content on the web. If you want to set up, then this post might be useful for you. Read through the blog and follow the instructions to set up a new tab.
How to Change Tab Layout on Microsoft Edge If you want to change tab layout on Microsoft Edge, then you can follow the provided steps: Launch Microsoft Edge.Tap on Settings and more options at a top-right.Click on the Settings.Select on New tab option.Tap on the Customize option. Choose the layout: Focused – It provides design without the search box, background image, quick links with the most often websites. Moreover, when you scroll, you will get the new tailored according to your likings. Informational – …

How to Use Linux on Mac through a Virtual Machine?

With the increasing advancement, now users can install Linux on their Mac along with Windows. If you are looking for specific methods to include it in any of your systems, then immediately read the below-written article to execute the process.

Install Linux via Parallels In case the user wishes to install Linux via parallels, then they can pursue the mentioned instructions. Go to the File and select it on the Parallels toolbar.After that, click on the New option.Then spotlight ‘Download Ubuntu Linux’ beneath the Free Systems.Click on the Continue option.Thereafter, select the Download option to download a Linux copy onto the system. After installing, Linux wishes you to add a fresh password for the user of Parallels. You should also select ‘Not Listed’ to add a fresh user of UNIX. Regardless, log into the UNIX account. Go to the Parallels Tools box and enter the freshly created password.After that, click on the OK tab.Now, reboot the virtual machine at the pop-up.Install Linux via Virtu…

How to Fix Salesforce won’t work on Google Chrome?

Nowadays, Salesforce is showing a bit of error in supporting browsers, and it doesn’t matter what type of browser you are using. There can be several reasons for these issues, and in this article, we will favor you by providing a workaround in it. Make sure that you read every bit of it cautiously. So, here are  steps solve Salesforce won’t work on Google Chrome.
Remove Browser Cache If you would like to remove the browser cache, then abide by the given steps. Open the Google Chrome web browser.Select the Menu button and choose Settings.After that, pick the Advanced button to open the options.You should choose the Privacy and Security button.Select ‘Clear browsing data.’Reach the Clear Browsing Data screen. Choose the time range.Check the boxes of ‘Cookies and other site data’ and ‘Browsing history.’Now, go to the Clear Data tab and click on it.Check Google Chrome Extensions If you wish to check the Google Chrome extensions, then pursue the given instructions. Open the Google Chrome bro…

How to Fix Server Problem with Gmail?

Gmail is among the most-used email platform over the globe, and understandably so. Even though the platform is efficient, it can show numerous errors. “A server error occurred, and your email was not sent” is one such error. Here are the instructions to fix the issue.
Remove Cookies and Cache on Google Chrome If you wish to remove cookies and cache on Google Chrome, then pursue the given instructions. Open Google Chrome on your system.Then, select the Menu tab.You should click on the Tools option.Thereafter, choose the Clear Browser data option.Now, click on the Clear cache and cookies option.Delete Cookies and Cache on Mozilla Firefox If you would like to delete cookies and cache on Mozilla Firefox, then abide by the given steps. Go to the Firefox browser and open it.You should click on the Menu option.Then choose the Privacy and Security option.You have to pick the Cookies and Site Data.Now, click on the Clear Data.Remove Cookies and Cache on MS Edge If you wish to remove cookies and …